Germany vs France – Euro 2016 Semifinal live blog #GERFRA

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France kicks off and here we go!

Interesting that Darke and Twellman think Evra is the weakest link for France.

3:35 – great throwing distribution, doesn’t go anywhere for FRA

6:05 – Neuer, excellent diving save for GER, Griezmann coming hard at Die Mannschaft

12:25 Müller just can’t buy a shot, much less a goal.

26:00 Multiple attempts by Özil to get something going, FRA defense holding. For now.

31:55 GER can’t pick up the garbage!

34:20 Darke makes a point when describing Özil as the “assist king” at Arsenal. Thing is, he’s got nobody to set up, with Müller being so cold

35:30 Cheap fall by Can, GER picks up their first yellow. Legit caution.

36:45 Payet’s free kick best opportunity for FRA so far, but Neuer right on top of it.

38:20 another weak shot for Müller

41:55 Giroud! It was a miracle Höwedes got back to stop him.

42:45 Evra cautioned. Good card

45:30 Schweinsteiger handball – clearly the Referee was signalled by the goal line judge that the GER defender smacked the ball. Replay confirms.

46:46 No, Darke, it’s not hugely debatable. FRA get the goal on a penalty kicked by Griezmann.

Site blew up in the second half!

Giroud sets up Griezmann beautifully, and the shot goes home. Lovely to watch.

Lloris had a couple of good saves, particularly in stoppage time at the end of the match, but the bottom line is that GER really never got started.






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