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Euro Final

#PORFRA – Portugal vs. France in the final!

Match Notes

This is the fourth time these teams have met in major tournament competition. The other three matches were semi-final contests, Euro 1984, Euro 2000, and World Cup 2006.

The narrative is all about Cristiano Ronaldo. POR will play a 4-1-3-2, with Nani joining C-Ron on the attack.

FRA will play a 4-4-1-1 with Grioud and Griezmann on top. Payet and Pogba have both had a great tournament in midfield, and three of the back four for France have come through, in spite of Evra being mediocre at best.

Kickoff at 1400EDT

1358EDT – National Anthems sung, teams shake hands, here we go!

1359EDT Renato Sanches (POR) is the youngest player to compete in a Euro final.

1359EDT Referee is Mark Clattenburg (ENG)

01:10 – clean tackle on Payet, despite the home crowd reaction

02:05 – Clattenburg very much letting them play

03:53 – Nani can’t control his shot

05:15 – intense French pressure, very aggressive. Payet doing well.

06:10 – Sissoko is a BEAST so far. Strikers need to settle and deliver what Sissoko and Payet offer.

09:08 – Griezmann solid shot, Patricio makes a great save. Payet-to-Giroud corner, just not there

16:20 – C-ron down a second time, in pain. Always hard to tell just how much this guy’s faking.

20:02 – C-ron back.

21:33 – Sissoko another good run, should’ve settled and/or passed, but they did get the corner

23:14 – C-ron down a third time. Get him out of there. Nani gets the armband, off on a stretcher. Quaresma comes on, Ronaldo out.

28:25 – no, Darke, it’s not that “France has lost their fizz” as much as POR have settled

33:07 – Sissoko! good shot, brings Patricio down to save it.

33:42 – Cedric booked for taking down Pogba.

37:30 – too many touches, POR lucky to come out of that with a corner

40:10 – Sagna gets a touch. Forgot he was even out there.


45+1 – head collision, ouch!

Half Time

47:10 – Sissoko did foul Pepe, but Pepe isn’t selling it as a caution

47:50 – Darke has a point, the officiating has been good. Twellman is also right about reforming the yellow-card-suspension rules

53:36 – Pogba takes the football equivalent of a 3-point NBA shot. Goes high, but puts the POR backs on notice

54:30 – Twellman rips Euro 2016/French security “if you’re getting flares in, something’s wrong” – YES

55:18 – Pogba is the MOTM for FRA so far

57:26 – Payet out, Kingsley Coman on for FRA. Payet gave it his all, time for fresh legs to keep pushing hard.

57:58 – Griezmann’s shot low-percentage, straight to Patricio

63:01 – Props to POR defense, they’ve marginalized the FRA strikers and have kept form on set pieces, like this latest corner

64:55 – Sagna and Evra able to push forward, but they’re awful when they arrive

65:12 – Coman! great cross, Griezmann can’t put it in as the ball goes high

65:57 – Second POR sub Moutinho for Silva

69:29 – POR defense still tight as Griezmann sends a free kick in where there are no blue shirts.

71:40 – Giroud to Coman, where was Olivier on the follow-up???

74:27 – Giroud finally taking good shots! good save by Patricio

76:45 – Giroud can’t believe Griezmann didn’t take that shot. solid position in the box.

77:30 – Grioud out, Gignac in for FRA

78:15 – Sanches out, Eder in for POR

79:17 – Lloris two saves in seconds. Good thing he’s stayed awake.

80:00 – Dumb challenge by Umtiti for FRA

83:17 – Sissoko from 30m! Patricio is there..incredible.

86:35 – Sissoko and Griezmann just aren’t on the same page today.


90+2 – Gignac hits the near post! Sooo close! Griezmann there, but unable to pick up the trash.

Extra Time

94:09 – Quaresma takes a kick, for the first action. These teams are awful right now. Then POR offside on top of it

94:55 – Guerrero booked for being stupid. POR playing poorly so far in extra time

95:20 – Matuidi now being stupid for FRA

97:50 – Carvalho with the professional foul on Coman

99:35 – Good corner by Griezmann, all hands for POR

100:10 – Crowd booing Pogba, but he’s working it for FRA

103:10 – POR ridiculous with the pushing

103:19 – Lloris with a fantastic save on the corner!

105:00 – Switch sides

105:50 – Moutinho isn’t selling a card on that one. POR get a free kick

106:50 – that was Eder who hit the ball! koscienly was unjustly booked.

107:30 – Guerreiro with a great free kick, but Lloris makes a stunning save!

108:30 – Eder scores! Cheating pays off!

110:15 – Gignac could have been awarded a penalty for that. He was held.

114:10 – Pogba in the book. Fair call.




Neither team wanted to win. FRA wanted it less.





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